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Poker and Pee

I have a problem, well lets say a disagreement with my bladder. For some reason it only remembers that it needs to pee when I am in late position or on the button. Then forgets by the time I get to my blind. I then post my blind and again remember that I need to pee. The last time I was playing I think I had to go for almost 45 min. I don’t really know how to solve this issue, and I am not sure if this ever happens to anyone else but its been happening a lot to me.

Another issue that pisses me off is not taking advantage of reads. Some times I am able to make a read on a player and because I don’t raise or make a bet it costs me the hand to a lucky draw or hand I should have outplayed. I played a hand where I had raised in EP after one limper with AJ suited to single out a player. I got one cold caller behind me so it was 3 way action. On the flop it was all small cards and I bet and the cold caller raised. I was like 80% sure that he was on a flush draw and that UTG cold called with a weak hand or a draw. I only called the flop raise but I should have either three bet or bet out on the turn to make them pay for the draws. Instead I checked and so did everyone. Now that I had played the hand this weak I wanted to induce a bluff by checking, as I would only be called by a hand greater then mine and would most likely be called by any hand better then mine. The river was checked around. UTG turns over AK and I lose the pot. Late position had a flush draw so everyone had exactly what I thought. If I had 3 bet the flop or bet out the turn the AK would have folded. I could have then checked the river and won with a showdown. These are the types of missed opportunity that anger me. Its what makes a pro a pro, winning with 2 nd best hands. Until I can do it every time I am in that situation, my game is not where I want it to be.


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Do you really think if you 3-bet the flop that AK folds? is this limit poker? if so, pot is 7 small bets preflop and 12 when you have to decide to 3 bet the flop. so that makes 14 and the late flush-draw man will call for 15 small bets and now AK man is getting 15-1 his money to call. He's not going away is he?

I like the line which is call the raise and lead the flop. You then have a pot which is 9 big bets (I think or close) and AK cannot really justify calling again to draw to 6 outs (or so he must think).

That, I reckon, is your best way of winning that hand. But whenever I played limit poker (from £1/£2 to £10/£20) I generally found that once AK has got that far involved they don't fold anyway and you end up in a showdown for a big pot.

If it's NL - you can take it away on the flop but you're a brave man since the flush draw might just 4-bet jam and then what? Again, I like the call the flop and then stick a sizeable bet leading the turn giving the flush draw the wrong price and take the AK off the hand that way.


Ex Pro:

The three bet on the flop would not have made him fold but I would have remained in control of the hand. By stop and starting it gives a lot of information away on my hand. I would then expect AK to fold on the turn. He would not be able to over call both players.

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