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Lesson from a Professional

Something I have to learn again once in a while, is that you should never talk about poker while playing. Strategy that is. When ever poker theory is talked about you should listen very closely so that you can learn how a player thinks. I will often throw in little comments to get the to continue talking about how they play but only if I can keep from revealing how I play. My favorite lesson to give is an incorrect lesson. Especially if they already think something is right, I will reinforce it.

Today I was playing and I had made a comment that if you play perfect for long enough, that you could win almost every day. Not I know I was over stating it a little but my point was that if you dump your losers fast enough and keep from even getting involved in risky hands, you should always win in the long run. I had said in 8 hours you should be able to come up with a win if you play perfect for all 8 hours. Now its almost impossible to play perfect, but I am talking about no mistakes. Everyone continued to tell me how luck plays a factor in every day but I don’t believe in luck. Anyway after this conversation I played a hand and flopped a set with a 3 flush on the board. I bet it out and two callers, I bet the turn after the 4th flush came and only one caller. On the river the person who I had been talking with bet into me. The board had not paired so I folded. He then went on to tell me that he had the Ace high flush, but didn’t show me. Although I couldn’t really call him I think he also could have made the play because of the conversation we had just had. I taught him too much about the way I play and gave him the opportunity to bluff me. Well either that or he had the nuts. So if you want to play like a professional there should be no poker lessons at the table.


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Thanks for the tip.
Your probably right about varying play. Most players are not paying a huge amount of attention to others play.

Really enjoying your blog. Keep it up!

Enjoy 2007

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