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Ricky’s Time Management

These comments are responses to Ricky’s posts on the last two entries.

Well my first impressions from your post is that you cant have an A game with out a B game. When I look at your kings hand, if you are willing to fold your kings there all the time people will notice. I know if I noticed something like that I would put your big pairs to the test all the time. Making so so calls sometimes protects your weaker hands. People wont be willing to make bluffs against you if they think you are going to call all the time. Then again you don’t want to be calling all the time because it’s a losing play in the long run.

I would also like to point out that I play limit Texas Holdem. Although I know how to play NL I don’t claim to be an expert on correct betting amounts. But poker theory is something I can relate to.

One thing you did say that is very good is that you don’t care about winning/ losing for that day because its all one big, never ending, game. That is a mind set that will usually help prevent tilt when you are in one of the long downswings of variance. Now the reason people say that you should never play tired is because it makes it easier to tilt and harder to tell when you are tilting. Now in online time 5 hours is a long time, when I use to play online I would only play in chunks of 3 hours. Then take a break and then come back for more. The fact that you are tired and only have a limited amount of time to play will result in you rushing or forcing a win. It will also make you that much weaker when trying to resist the temptation to peal cards or pay people off. Some of the folds I make take every bit of concentration I have, so I want to be mentally strong. At the same time, some of the best players can play for days straight. Its really a part of conditioning. If you do it all the time you can get good at it. But you will rarely play your A+ game the entire 5 hours.

I hate to say it but if you are looking for me to endorse the conditions you are playing under, I cant. But if those are the only times you can play you will need to set up methods that protect yourself. Maybe make a list of things you are not allowed to do. If you do them you have to quit playing for 20 min. (like going for a straight with two cards to the flush) This is a good way to prevent tilt and force you to play at a higher skill level. Another trick is stop loss. Set a max you are allowed to lose and if you hit that point you cant play until next week. You really need to analyze your own game and find out how being tired effects your game. Unfortunately one of the best options may be not to play until you have better conditions to play.

Don’t forget, don’t miss out playing with your kid just to play poker. That little box on the desk will never grow up and the people you play against will never love you back.

I am really not sure if I answered the question you wanted, maybe someone else can put in their input on time management and limited poker time.


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Ricky The Closer Rosa:

My Man,
Thank you once again for the kind advise, i have taken on board the fact that you cant have an a-game without a b game, also have analysed my game and style of play particulary when tired, have made some changes as well you will be pleased to know, as you said you cant endorse playing when conditions are not the best, my b-game is the game i play when tired, it works quite well i think, as my b-game is based purely on mathematics, playing big pots with big hands and little pots with marginal hands, it consists of playing tight preflop, and then basing my post flop play on pot/implied odds etc. Saying that i do lose more whilst playing my b-game such as the aces vs kings hand you have discussed(incidently it was a bad play and a losing play at nl, i think though that under fixed limit rules it would have been a different proposition, i.e one more bet to call etc.)so if i start losing and go below say 40 percent of my starting roll i will just leave the table/s and finish for the night, releaving the temptation to chase losses or the possibility that i will lose more on that given night. My A-game though is based on all the above, also bravery, and a little intuition(either that or the players really are sooo predictable)more importantly i can play the players,not the cards i.e take last night for example-i reraised two seperate players who had made standard continuation bets with a poor board, reraised both times with nothing( a, because the player was right, i.e i knew he would only raise with an ace, and would flat call small pairs, so i didint fear trips. b, because the time was right.) You will be pleased to know though, that because of your advise i have decided to drop down one level, firstly because, since my kings hands, i got lucky by spiking a 10 on the river when i was drawing to two outs(we were both all in((dont ask)) he had trip 8s, i had overpair tens,made trips on river.but two nights ago variance decided to show me what a lucky boy i have been , by letting a guy hit a runner,runner full house to beat my trips when i had managed to get him to put all his money in whilst soooo far behind oon the flop it was untrue, this got me thinking, so even though in just two weeks i have managed to increase my roll by 90percent, i have dropped down to the level, i find myself at now,which is still bigger than the micro stakes, but less good players and more fish then the level above me.also my risk of ruin is back to being really low, i played my a-game and dominated two tables making more at the lower limit than i normally do at the higher! this has pushed me to over 100 percent on my 1k start, i was playing a little scared i think, and twice had not bet for value on river fearing a big reraise,so i think the drop doen is wise, i intend to step back up when i hit 4k. i would like to ty for all your help and advice as i feel ready to take on the world( one step at a time!) also the reason i work so hard, in my day and in my nights is for my little kiddies futures, this is my motivation in life, i would not be prepared to lose one second of there precious childhoods to play or learn about a game, even one as good as NLHM, i only play when they are both in bed, for my sons early months of his life( he's only 3 mths now) i didnt play at all, not even a 10 dollar sit and go, and when my daughter was born 2 years ago i didnt play for 4-5 mths. this my friend is the reason why i start again, like a pheonix rising from the ashes, i dont know if you remember me asking about your fall from grace, well as i told you my wife was ill, i had time to do it, wasnt working( i had quit my job i had aspired to get all my life)and thanks to my large torny win and good discipline even in those days i had a bankroll where dont get me wrong i couldnt have taken on vegas, but i could have grounded out a living, it wasnt to be and when i lost, i had to think i just blew my morgate payment on calling a guys semi-bluff with trips when i knew he had a flush draw, of couse he hit his draw, end of story, so i withdrew all my money(apart from 500 dollars)made the ultimate poker sacrafice, as i said in hindsight i would have got a credit card or small loan, but at the time it was the best decision i could have made, and faced with the same decision today i know what i would do. Thank you for your concern though, compulsive gambling is a real issue and one i am aware of and even though i have played every night now for over two weeks, i dont feel like it's gambling, it's not like betting on a football match, its a game of skill, also dont want you to think that i think you are being funny, i know you are just looking after a fellow person, sorry about the long post, i get carried away, however you are only the 2nd person i have met where i can talk about my game, and not be judged, or criticised, i plan to stay at 50/1 dollar(max table buy in 100 dollars) on two tables, and jsut grind, i am looking to make on average 20 dollars per hour, per table, this should mean that i can make 250 dollars per week, 1000 dollars per month, and bu next years wsop( i will meet you there with my bro and buy you a beer) i will have a bankroll of 15k, i will win a seat in the main event in a satallite, if not i will enter the 1000-1500 dollar events there are loads of them and win enough to buy into the event, thats the plan.
Hey i have a real question?
Why fixed limit? i mean surely( i suppose it depends on the limits you play) you can win more at nl, now i understand, having never played fixed limit( apart from 2 years ago when i entered a fixed torny by mistake-found it boring as hell, but then again i was to aggressive in those days)that the game is based on near pure mathematics, its harder to fold drawing hands as they have a lot more strength than nl,also there is generally less bluffing, and if you know all the maths perfect you will be a winner, but what happens when you get to the level when all the players now the maths perfect? how do you get a skill advantage over them? now i am gonna throw one at you, if your game is based on mathematics,why not play nl, i mean if you know i am on a flush draw, with one card to come you figure your opponent to be on the draw, and now he has approx odds of 4/1 to hit it, now in a fixed structure, you could only bet once to protect your hand, he calls one bet to hit his draw( off course he still needs pot odds to do so.) but in nl you can price him out of the draw, i.e pot size 100 dolllars bet 100 dollars on turn giving him a propostion of 2/1 against a hand which is 4/1 to hit, you actually want him to call, of course if he does play correctly and folds again you have to be happy with that, so why i ask? why play fixed limits and is there a potential profit oppurtunity for a nl player?

Max respect, dude
The Closer.

"Don’t forget, don’t miss out playing with your kid just to play poker. That little box on the desk will never grow up and the people you play against will never love you back. "

Soooo true.... cost a fortune in lost rakeback though! :)

ex pro:


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