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What do you think?

Like I have said many times before, I play mostly live poker and not online. But what I have noticed is that a lot of people from the states no longer trust their money online. These players are now making more frequent trips to the live poker rooms around the world. These players who are less use to the differences in live poker can easily be exploited. So as a result games have become a little easier.

What I am wondering is have online games become harder. I have predicted that they would. But would like to know if that is true. Now although less the 40% of some sites market was from the US, lots of them were new players or college kids playing drunk. Now that it takes a little extra thought to get money online, it really stops the growth of new inexperienced players. That leaves only the good players behind. So my question for everyone is; Have you noticed a difference in online card rooms getting more difficult?


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Yep, Your thoughts are spot-on, the losing players are busting out of the US sites one by one and leaving the winners and the degenerate gamblers who found some way of reloading.

The games are still beatable but table selection is becoming more and more important.

I have started playing at more European sites, compare Stars vs Titan (for example) and you can really see the difference!!

Nice Post!

Cheers, Mark

Pretty soon it will be all the good players just passing money around with little new money coming on the sites it seems.

I find it a difficult question. Only playing for a few months and mostly on European rooms.
I personally don't think that only good players will be left. A lot of new fishes, like myself, around the world create a poker account each day. So, I guess that still a lot of bad/drunk players will be playing. The only difference is that they won't be from the US.

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I really have....

Today i was on Pokerstars and looking at the sharkscope stats of people playing in the sit and go heads up i like to play. I didn't play against probably 90% of the opponants as their stats were superb...

I do find that time of day really affects the player abilities as well. Pokerstars up to 10am GMT is ok as you play americans up to 5am Eastern time but if you are playing at 12 midnight GMT you have a load of sharks playing..

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