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Trips vs. Set

Ok some people may call me crazy for this post but I believe there is a difference between Trips and a Set. I have had more then one argument at a poker table about these so let me know what you think. We will kind of have a little vote in the comments. Now I think Trips are ANY time you have three of a kind. But I think a Set is Three of a kind with the pair in the hole. Don’t ask me why I even thought of this, but it is one of the many stupid conversations I have had after 8 hours at a table with 9 strangers.


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I concur Ex. This is also one of my pet peeves. Though I also feel that a set shouldn’t be called trips, I can deal with it. But I hate when people call trips a set. 2 people should never have a set each in the same hand, if you know what I’m getting at.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but by your own definition, two people CAN have a set each in the same hand. It happened to me just last night. I had pocket K's, another guy had pocket T's, and we both actually *flopped* a set (flop was K-T-8).

I remember, because it meant a lot of money for me :)

Ex Pro:

I think he was trying to say that they cant have the same set in the same hand. Otherwise you can actually have 5 sets in one hand. That would be a crazy pot.

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