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If you have a interesting poker blog that you think my readers would like to read, drop me a comment. Put up a link to our site and post a comment in this blog entry and we would be more then happy to add you to the blogs I read. The post will not be made public right away, and you can request it to stay that way if you would like. Be sure that you are a blogger, not an affiliate or commercial site posing as a blogger. You can even add a little description of your blog below so that people know what they can find.

We are always looking for good writers among the many dull blogs so send us in the right direction. Here are the blogs we try to keep up to date reading.


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Thanks for the comment Ex. I have read your blog and I like your style and content so I would be happy to add you to my blog roll. You can add my link if you’d like. It will be nice to read your thoughts on live limit. I don’t play limit at all or live much so a different to read. I’m looking forward to it. But go easy on the NL boys will ya. LOL (Dummies poker, no.)

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